Kristin Chenoweth

april fourth, two-thousand and nine

All you need is love..

Bonjour! friends,
Today is Saturday & I'm watching Across the Universe.
History homework is the best ever. Except not really.

Near Future Life Goals
1. See Taylor Swift in Dallas
2. Roadtrip to California
3. See The Jonas Brothers!!!
4. Pass Chem II
5. Force my hair to grow boob length, then cut it all off.

Kristin Chenoweth

Dear Livejournal,

How I miss you so.
You know what? College is all fun & games until you have to actually go to class.
Anywayss, I'm home for the weekend & bored already. So what is a girl to do? Download music & make her itunes library bigger. Plus watch The Office.
Happy Weekend!
I promise to be back.

You know you love me
XOXO, Gossip Girl.
AHAHAHA! I just had to.